In June 2014, the Associazione VerginiSanità, in collaboration with the Celanapoli Association, was entrusted with certain spaces on the ground floor of Palazzo Peschici-Maresca, in via Arena Sanità, with the goal of promoting cultural projects and activities, starting with the development of the Aqua Augusta, or Serino Aqueduct, archaeological site, now made accessible by a route leading to the underground layer.

These initiatives, carried out in an urban context often affected by violence and decline, have profound social and cultural significance: strategies of redevelopment are more effective the greater the sense of belonging and awareness of their own heritage that citizens have.

The general programme calls for the involvement of public authorities, associations, local economic and cultural actors, in order to network the activities and to allow residents and visitors to experiences the spaces of the neighbourhood in an innovative and participatory way.

Specifically, the Association aims to increase usability offerings and promotional activities, experimenting with new ways of interpreting the rich material and immaterial heritage.

In addition to traditional guided tours, there will be various kinds of events, such as: performances, exhibits and contemporary art installations, workshops for community participation and development, multi-disciplinary educational projects; activities compatible with the value and historical importance of the sites, carried out in strict compliance with standards for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage.

Partners involved in the project Acqua Augusta for VerginiSanità

Pippo Pirozzi – Coordinator

Paola Silverii, Lello D’Ambrosio, Marina Galzignato

Stefano Fusco, Gennaro Fusco, Paola Fusco, Ciro Galiano, Tina Iannelli

In the pictures: model created by F.Colussi and C. Leggieri.